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Dating photographs by hairstyle

Many images in our collection have come to us with only the barest of details attached.Your knowledge, interest and enjoyment in identifying dates and locations is helping us to fill in some of the blanks and, in turn, provide better access to the State’s archives.But pure white is bad, and lavender, lilac, sky blue, purple and French blue take very light, and dresses having bold patterns upon them, should never be worn for a picture. What is extraordinary, in a way, is that there are cartes-de-visite photographs of Victorians from Britain and their aspiring contemporaries overseas, taken at photographic studios abroad in Europe and indeed all over the world, from Montreal to Calcutta, and they are testimony to the strength of the British Empire, and the Courts of Europe, in influencing fashions down to the last detail, and for being surprisingly up-to-date, especially in the period 1870-1910.In many ways the dress looks more English than the English, and with few concessions made to warmer climates!Although evolving slightly over the course of the decade, the 1850s hair fashions for women remained parted in the center and pinned up in the back.

Hence there seem to be few 'white wedding' photographs as white dresses were difficult to capture well, and dark colours and plain designs therefore predominate.Some fashion features neatly typify decades, for example men's side partings and women's ringlets in the 1840s, men's centre partings and women's leg-of-mutton sleeves in the 1890s.Certain features are time limited, such as crinoline frames worn only for eleven years from 1856 to 1867, soft bustles gathered up by internal ribbons in the early 1870s, artificial hairpieces from around 1869 to 1874, fishtail trains on dresses c1876-80, stiff angular bustles over steel frames c1881-6, and the introduction of female fringes and hair frizzing in the 1880s.Changes in men's fashions have generally been more subtle, and less sensational than women's, and photographs of even the most well-to-do gentlemen are therefore far more difficult to date accurately by dress alone.In contrast, by the end of the 19th century women's fashions tended to bring in a new detail each season, so the most fashionable ladies' photographs can often be dated to within a year.

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