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“These plans will give courts the tools they have requested to deal with the most abhorrent acts.“This is one part of our plan to deliver world-leading standards of animal welfare in the years ahead.” Under the Government’s plans, courts will retain the ability to hand out an unlimited fine and ban an offender from owning animals in the future but they will also have the ability to sentence the worst cases more harshly.It is why the backlash against the 313 MPs who voted down an amendment, Caroline Lucas’s amendment, to the EU Withdrawal Bill to ensure the UK continues to recognise that animals are sentient beings should not come as a surprise to anybody. The reaction to the vote, from animal lovers from across the political spectrum, has caught the Conservative Government completely off guard.

These include instances when a man bought a number of puppies just to brutally and systematically beat, choke and stab them to death.In 2009, after years of pan-European campaigning, the original animal sentience protocol was incorporated into the Lisbon Treaty and agreed by every country in the EU.It requires policymakers to pay “full regard” to animal welfare in policymaking, since “animals are sentient beings”.A protocol adopted in 1999 meant that, for the first time, animals were to be regarded as sentient beings, not just agricultural goods - ensuring that all future legislation must account of animal wellbeing.It was a historic moment for animal protection and since then over 20 pieces of European law on animal welfare have been adopted, including the ban on conventional battery cages and the ban on cosmetics testing on animals.

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