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“My personal experience and one shared by most of my friends had been finding a great way to meet women to date,” she explains.“There were already some great products for straight people where I could easily get a date with a dude, but finding women in a product I wanted to use was much harder.According to Exton 30% of the Her user base identify as bisexual.Obviously however, a bisexual user won’t find a male match on Her’s all-female user base, but Exton says the app is a product of her own personal experiences.

Many apps simply don’t have a button that lets you browse “both” when it comes to gender, and other non-heteronormative groups, like people who identify as transgender, are even less catered for. For straight people the biggest concern with online dating is often simply choosing the right bio, or the most flattering photo.

“We tried to make Clocked as inclusive as possible,” said Gomez Acebo.

“For that reason we gave all our users the option to search for both sexes should they so wish.” However, for the Clocked app to work you have to self-identify as either a man or a woman, which inherently excludes any genderqueer people.

So I wanted to make a way for women to meet each other.” “We don’t cover every eventuality of what everyone is looking for, we focus on a specific set of problems and try to help solve them, problems experienced by bisexual, lesbian, queer, asexual, pansexual and many other sexualities for female identified and non-binary gendered people,” she adds.

At another end of the spectrum, Javier Gomez Acebo, developed his London-dating app Clocked so that you can search for “men”, “women” or “both” from the one dating profile.

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“I’d like us to be included on par with gay and straight,” says Brockwell, “I’d like to see support for other identities too.

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