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Stoutheart dating

She points out that the only animals going savage are predators, implying that they may be reverting back to their primitive instincts.

Badger then advises Lionheart to inform the public of the dire situation, but the mayor refuses, knowing the balance between predator and prey would be broken out of fear should word get out, while also alluding to his own personal insecurities, as the rapid distrust towards predators, such as himself, could easily ruin his reputation.

The cause of the outbreak has yet to be discovered, with Lionheart being one of the only citizens to have knowledge of this.

He takes the issue of solving the problem into his own hands by assembling a team of elite wolf guards to patrol the city and capture the savage animals, imprisoning them in an old asylum on the outskirts of the city, where Dr.

This was a partial reason for creating the Mammal Inclusion Initiative, as creating opportunities for prey meant winning the favor among the majority of Zootopia.This could be considered a lip-service, as outside of his noble public persona, he is a proud and boisterous career politician that displays a certain amount of pompousness and sarcasm, as well as impatience, intolerance and disregard towards his inferiors.This can be seen with his deputy mayor Dawn Bellwether, whom Lionheart treats more like a secretary and a stooge than an actual assistant mayor, and his head officer Chief Bogo who, despite being against some of Lionheart's political decisions, refrained from doing anything to upset the latter, even becoming visibly anxious when his name is mentioned.The spies were Judy and her accomplice, fox Nick Wilde, who recorded Lionheart's admission and argument with Dr. The pair subsequently informs Bogo of the not-quite-legal operation.The asylum is raided that night by the ZPD, and Lionheart is arrested along with Dr. As Bogo and Judy take him away, Lionheart protests his innocence, explaining that he was trying to protect the city, though Judy unsympathetically accuses him of caring for his job and nothing more.

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When asked about Chief Bogo's thoughts on the matter, Lionheart admits that Bogo is being kept in the dark.

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