Troian bellisario patrick adams dating since

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Troian bellisario patrick adams dating since

She eventually sympathizes with him after discovering his poor home life and develops a relationship with him.

However, she breaks it off after she discovered that he was working for Jenna.

The girls' next suspect was Noel, after Hanna is hit by a car while spying outside Mona's birthday party.

Hanna witnesses Noel writing a message at the back of a car, owned by Ezra.

Emily later confesses to her parents about Maya and her sexuality, leading to a conflict between her and her mother.

Maya was later sent to juvenile detention following the discovery of marijuana in her bag by Emily's mother.

Emily comes across Paige, a teammate of hers who began making homophobic remarks to Emily, though she later reveals herself as a lesbian.

A year later they all begin receiving messages from the mysterious "A", who threatens to reveal their darkest secrets.

Ian returns in town, later reconciling and eloping with Melissa, to the surprise of the girls.

Hanna later enlists Caleb's help to work on Emily's phone in order to talk to Maya.

Both girls indulge in shoplifting; later, Hanna gets in trouble, forcing her mother to sleep with a detective for her release. Later, Alison's body is found buried in her old backyard.

Spencer has feelings for her sister's fiancé (Wren Kingston). Realizing that 'A' wouldn't be Alison, the girls began searching for clues.

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